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February 06, 2017

Michigan’s Fort Mackinac History

Situated as a military output, Fort Mackinac has a rich history stemming from the British and American soldiers during the American Revolutionary War. It has grown a lot since then and has expanded.
The British ended up giving this fort during 1796 (Treaty of Paris) but maintained it for many years before that. It was a United States garrison (60 men) that occupied Fort Mackinac to protect it in 1812. After those years had gone by, the military didn’t have much need for Fort Mackinac but kept it as a place of deployment. This went on for several years.
The only role it ended up playing after this point was in the Civil War. It was kept as a place for prisoners during summer months but wasn’t heavily guarded. They kept an ordnance sergeant to do the duty.
Now, Fort Mackinac is a scenic location cited as a tourist destination. It has a rich history having seen years of war, and dedicated soldiers come through. It spent time as a national park during 1875 but now remains a renowned tourist destination.
Fort Mackinac continues to draw interest with its rich historical background and has situated itself among American military lore.

Contributions Credited to Garrett Suzak.

February 01, 2017

Michigan’s Great Outdoors

Living and breathing Michigan is what we do. Knowing where everything’s at can be difficult at times, since there are just so many great attractions.

  1. Landmarks – Automotive history shines here in Michigan, especially down in the Detroit Metropolitan area. Lighthouses, beaches, and museums of boating and fishing history plaster much of the upper half of “The Mitten”, as well as the Upper Peninsula.
  2. Sights & Attractions – The Great Lakes have many breathtaking sights, as well as activities along the Michigan beaches. Head over to Silver Lake Sand dunes for a day out in a 4-wheel drive vehicle, boating on the water, and camping on the grounds. You may also consider┬áto go┬ábird watching, trail hiking, or exploring the amazing Mackinac Island, perhaps.
  3. Historical Center – Visit this intriguing museum located in our capitol, Lansing MI, for an extensive overview of Michigan’s fascinating history.

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